Simworx SX06DTS Driver Training Simulator

A complete 'turn key' portable driving simulator system

The SX06DTS is an attractive real world car design cockpit simulator. The system is compact and relatively easy to move around and transport. The design is smart and functional, with  a real car cockpit layout and real world car controls. Three high resolution display panels gives the student a 180-210 degree horizontal field of view presented at a very high frame rate in HD. The operator  has an integrated user interface whereby they can control assignments and assess student’s progress. Student Lesson results can be printed on the built in Laser Printer. The controls are high end with real hydraulic pressure brake pedal, an over centre clutch mechanism for real clutch feel and dynamic self centering force feedback steering. A high Quality Manual 6 speed gear box for manual cars completes the driver's cabin.


SX06DTS-Training cockpit

- Mobile Cockpit on Wheels

- Hinged Monitor Frames Allow Access Through Doorways

- Dynamic Force Feedback Car Steering Wheel

- Horn Button

- Manual Gearshift + reverse, automatic shift

- Full software package including Road Safety Lessons

- Three 27" HD monitors for 210 degree field of view

- Ignition Key Start

- Highest Quality Pedals -  Accelerator, Clutch and Hydraulic Brake pedal

- Indicator Stalk with Headlight Switch

- Hand Brake

- Adjustable Car Seat

- Inertia Reel Seat belt

- Integrated Dolby Sound System

- Integrated Laser Printer



- Intel core i7 PC + hardware for controlling 3 monitors/displays

- Full HD Resolution

- Windows 7 operating system

- Software complete with driver training curriculum

- Real Time Virtual Instructor

- Student Assessment System  


Display system          

- 3 x High Definition Graphical channels

- 3 x Insert Rear View Mirror Channels

- 3 x 27 inch Widescreen Monitors for Primary Rendering Display for Portable Systems

- 3 x 42”inch Widescreen Monitors for Primary Rendering Display for Studio Systems

- Surround Vision, 210 Degrees Horizontal Field of View

- Resolution 1920 x 1080 for each display (Total Resolution 5760 x 1080)



SX06DTS Portable Driving Cockpit Complete - 3 x 27" Display - AUD$ Please contact us for pricing options

SX06DTS Studio Driving Cockpit Complete   - 3 x 42" Display - AUD$ 


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Financing your simulator investment

Commercial Leasing Finance can be arranged to approved purchasers. Indicatively approximately $165.00/week finance option makes it an attractive proposition for Driving Schools. 3 standard lessons per week would see the simulator pay for itself. Amortising your investment over 4 years with tax depreciation benefits makes it a very attractive business investment decision. Why not introduce it in to your business today. Please contact us for details.

Downloadable Documentation

SX06DTS with Disability Controls Brochure

SX06DTS Brochure 

SX06DTS Lesson Guide


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